YouTube Vanced is Being Discontinued

The popular third-party YouTube client Vanced for Android is being discontinued. Google sent the Vanced owners a cease and desist letter recently, which has forced the developers to stop distributing and developing the app.The developers announced the decision on the official Twitter account and through other channels.

YouTube Vanced users may continue to use the app for now on Android, but it will stop working eventually.



I don’t think existing version will stop working, but there won’t be any updates and new downloads imo.

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Atleast until the API changes.

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YouTube Vanced to be shut down because of legal reasons

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube client that has all features available via a paid subscription for free. E.g. it doesn’t show ads, supports picture-and-picture mode - all for free out of the box.

The current version still works (but idk for how long)

:bulb:Some alternatives to switch to: