Your Teacher don't want to know this secret 🤫

01.Blackbox - Select. Copy. Paste & Search

Users can use this extension if they are watching a video online, users will have the ability to click on this extension, select a piece of text inside a video and this would copy it and they can paste it in a text editor.

02. Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy

  • Remove Copy Text Protection
  • Force Enable Right Click Button
  • Allow Copy And Highlight
  • Disable Annoying Dialog Message (Not Able To Copy Content On This Webpage)
  • Re-Enable Context Menu
  • Include “Absolute Mode” To Force Remove Any Type Of Protection

03. Copyfish :fish: Free OCR Software

Copy, paste and translate text from any image, video or PDF.

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You guys can add this also

(For educational purposes only)

Instructions :

  1. Enter the meeting link
  2. Enter the length of the class in minutes
  3. Enter the time in 24 hour format
  4. Open and keep it open.
  5. Automatically joins the meeting on the given link, provided that the meeting has started and there is atleast one or more attendees in the meeting
  6. Refresh Google Meet page after updating the timetable
  7. Please make sure you are using English Version of Google Meet

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