XSplit Presenter Lifetime Beta - Invites (Limited)

XSplit Presenter - Deliver awesome presentations from anywhere!

Giving a professional presentation that keeps your audience engaged is tough at the best of times, and in an increasingly online, work from home environment it can seem impossible! XSplit Presenter adds personality, flair and interactivity to your existing presentations and works with all your favourite video call platforms.

Import your Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, easily add videos from YouTube , Vimeo , or your computer and connect to your Zoom , Microsoft Teams , Skype , or any other platform to easily give your presentation more flair!

XSplit Presenter Beta codes:

  • aaf52a13-0df9-4720-8fd8-d28dd5a4c7e2
  • 734967ad-c6a6-4639-a7a0-a62f9dd74b7b
  • 13505c8f-bf9c-4232-89c1-7b1739eb4a1d
  • 8de68e14-7e69-45f9-888f-fab164bbba75
  • e16e7835-7892-4809-8a34-b288bcb46a2c
  • 3594aa24-84a7-4bd3-9602-f822fedd4107



Do reply below if you redeemed the invites and share your’s too. Cheers.


All codes have been redeemed already

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Me too
It Not working

Not Working…