xShot Email Method

An unsaturated method to earn $X,XXX to $XX,XXX per month.

This method hasn’t been executed before by anybody other than myself. It involves executing hyper-targeted email campaigns to generate traffic to a drop-servicing store. You do not need to keep any physical inventory on hand, nor do you need a pre-existing, drop-servicing store because in the guide I cover how to build this out from scratch.

You do not need to run any paid ads, and all client relations are handled via email; that way you never have to speak to anybody on the phone. It’s as simple as generating the leads using the custom-tailored lead generation method included in the guide, and sending them the tested scripts that are also included in the guide.

Because the leads you will be targeting are active and highly receptive, your click-through and open rates will be through the roof. This is not something that is typically seen in email marketing (especially when it comes to cold outreach). This has been made possible through hours of tweaking and split-testing. Lucky for you, I’ve already taken care of the hard part. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

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