Windows 12 to release in 2024?

More and more leaks suggest that Microsoft is working on a Windows 11 successor, that it will be named Windows 12, and that it will be released in the second half of 2024.

It is early 2023, and rumors and leaks suggest that a Windows 12 release is going to happen in the second half of 2024. Here is a recap of what happened so far in regards to Windows 12.

This year, eagle eyed users of VMware vSphere 8 noticed that the application listed Windows 12 (64-bit) as one of the available guest systems.

Now, information on Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake platform was leaked on Twitter. Revealed by Twitter user leaf_hobby (via Neowin), and later deleted, specs of the upcoming platform included Wi-Fi 6 debut, chipset information and other technical details. Windows 12 was listed as one of the supported operating systems, according to the leaker.

While Microsoft prefers to be tight lipped when it comes to future versions of Windows, it needs to communicate with its partners, hardware manufacturers as well ass select software companies and organizations.

A 2024 launch would also means that the new operating system would have matured in 2025, as it would likely have received its first feature update by the time Windows 10 runs out of official support.

Note: these leaks should be classified as rumors at this point, as Microsoft has not commented on any of them.

Source: Ghacks


I am still using win 10 and was thinking of getting a new laptop for win 11 I guess I will wait and see


Get MacBook pro ( Best for all except gaming )

Don’t waste your money on Windows laptops @ankit_jd

Instead of Windows laptop you can get customisable PC with low price. You can run Windows smoothly and gaming also very good.

I’ve been using Windows 11 for daily use and have never had a problem.Use it for Graphic Design too without issues.


@Sibijay Bro You’re using PC with high specs right :sweat_smile: I’m saying about Laptops.

I have buyed Lenovo IdeaPad 520. Too worst bruh

Specs 1TB HDD, Intel i5 8th gen, Intel graphics 620, Nvidia GeForce MX150 ( 2 Gb )

Worst performance ever

Battery problem arises every 3 years in Laptops

Nah, good old HP Laptop. I’ve changed out HDD to SSD and Memory too. Its an i5 (7th Gen). Still going strong :slight_smile:

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I’m still using HDD bruh. And laptop also broken. I have to buy a new laptop when job is confirmed.

@Sibijay Bruh you have customised your old HP laptop so it’s working well. But nowadays the Laptops were too slim and not customisable.

Old is gold :coin:

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better than mine btw but have good ram i.e. 12 gb

@Agent_XI I’m using 8 Gb RAM dude. Laptop also Broken :neutral_face: :grin: I have used Sellotape to fix it and using.

Harman speaker also not working ( crackling sound ) :joy:

I haven’t used video editors, Adobe products and high RAM consumption softwares like VMware etc in my laptop :computer:

Only browser, VS Code I’m using nowadays. Performance is too worst

use you invideo bruh

I’m using windows 10 on High end gaming. When i tried to install windows 11 pro (not genuine) it doesn’t seem to work properly. Some issues occurred like widget, double click, too slow network speed on Ethernet, wifi breaks, etc. What’s causing this?

Windows 11 is causing that.