🎉 [WIN] Free URL shortener worth $99 (LIFETIME Access)

I’m offering a URL shortener for free (Lifetime Access). I’ll offer you a code you may use to redeem with your own email and password.

Simply respond to this post with how you would use it, and I’ll choose one of you on the 25th of September. The lucky winner must upload the proof by replying to this thread.

Site: https://foxlyme.com

A few of the app’s features include:
Unlimited Shorten the link to shorten your complicated, lengthy URL into a few characters.
A powerful dashboard that provides insights on clicks, the top countries from which they originated, operating systems, browsers, and more…


hellow thank’s you bro i will make cpa shorts and i will need it :slight_smile: wish me luck !

Hi, I appreciate the fantastic offer.

I’m the first to leave a response. I could therefore be your top choice :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

For me specifically, this is a fairly unique offer in Freesoff. To provide my clients the links to my portfolio, I need your Amazing OFFER. My client will find it simple to obtain this.

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I’m thrid on the picking order, lol
thanks man!

drop it in my dm please

That’s nice. Hope I will get one.

Thank you for this offer.
I really need this because I don’t have enough money to start my own business.
Thanks again.

Hi there, saw this on AppSumo, and pretty excited that I ponder upon a giveaway here too.

Please count me in. Use case will be to shorten by e-commerce long products link so I can stop using bit.ly

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I need this to shorten/mask my website URL in my facebook/pinterest posts and in Youtube description.

Hi, I appreciate the fantastic offer.

I really hope that I can win this URL shortener. I use bitly right now. However, it only provides 50 free links/month. I don’t have enough money to update bitly account. I use shorten URL for tracking my blog URLs which post at reddit, facebook, youtube and some forums.

This is a great giveaway @fun_kom :star2:. Since I am practicing Digital Marketing this will help me in tracking analytics all over the social media.It will be a great addition to my current necessities if I won the giveaway:slight_smile: :heart:

I do online cloth business. i upload 10 to 15 posts daily with a total of 70 to 80 pictures per day. Sharing picture to customers is a pain bcoz of long urls and it is also looks ugly as a perspective of customer. If i could get one, it will help me a lot in managing my pictures url as well as making life easier for me. :slight_smile:

I lost my job during Covid and now starting an online business. A URL shortner will help me for social media marketing

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First of all thanks for the amazing giveaway

currently am using free url shortner bitly which is quite good but it doesn’t allow custom domain option for free. So, the giveaway would definitely a branding opportunity.

wow thank you for this luxurious offer…if i was given the opportunity to get this foxly url…i will use it to build my family’s finances which were destroyed because of the earthquake, liquefaction, and tsunami that occurred in Palu city,Indonesia in 2018
by starting an affiliate business using foxly url


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Hello, If I’m lucky enough to get one, I’ll use it to shorten the lengthy affiliate url links to make them more visually appealing to the visitors of my small business website. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am an owner of design agency. I want to showcase my porfolio but long links irritates the clients.
And cannot gather more attraction which i want if i have a link shortner with this type of custom capabilities than i can do much more and grab more clients.
waiting for your response.


thanks for the give away,
I am running few websites, this script will help me to get the analytics of the links shared on multiple social media plateform.

Sir, Give me that. I need it in my work. Thanks :pray: