Why Is RDP Useful & How to Set It Up! 🔰

Why RDP is useful?

It has high internet speed useful for cracking.
You can use it to run infected programs.
don’t fuck up with your pc.
is easy to handle.
Used by literally every cracker.

How to set it up?
Setting up RDP is easy as peeing on the side of the toiler to make less noise

Steps: -

Click on start and search remote desktop connection. [ Automatically installed with windows, no need to download]

In the text box, type the IP issued to you by the Hoster. it can be letters or numbers but usually numbers.

Click on connect.

Type the username, it normally is Administrator.

Type the password issued to you by the host.

Click on connect.

Now a warning box will popup saying that the certificate is valid/invalid but you dont have to care about this BS and click on Connect.

Once it connects, first of all, the first thing you should do is copy paste chrome setup because internet explorer is fucking BS that gives u warnings.

Once chrome is installed, you download your preferred one.

Some programs like sqli dumper, hma older version, expressvpn requires framework 3.5 and earlier, you can download it by going to start and type server manager, click on add roles and features, wait 30 sec, click on it again, a box will open, you click next until the 3rd last tab, there you have to tick the box where it says framework 3.5 and earlier. Install it and you’re done.

Enjoy :+1::heart: