Why Bins are not working even after check

I have created some bins for carding and generated CC, to know the status of the generated cards I used Mr.CC-Checker. I got some live cards, but while using them they are not working.

  • Tried changing the location according to the bin.
  • I’m Using NORD VPN.

Any Solutions?

BINs get patched in a few hours. NO BIN IS PERFECT.

They are not working when I enter CC details on any website :confused:

dude where’d you generate the bins from

Some things to try
-other BIN (maybe yours is already patched/blocked by site)
-other browser (clear cache and data)
-other IP / VPN server or provider (use unpopular VPN)
-type in details manually (no copy and paste)
-use checker that can check CCN / CVV
-use PayPal
-try alternative site (for Grammarly, try ProWritingAid)