Which site is best for Hosting Hacking and cracking related sites

As we all know there are many copyright and DMCA related issues that will come on these types of sites. Can someone help me to know which Hosting site is good for hosting these hacking and cracking sites? And also what type of hosting is preferable?


Thank you bro it helped alot!

Please explain in detail I can’t understand

for example, let’s assume someone posted a coding blocks course and we all know coding blocks has the legal right on that so first they search some keywords related to their course and they find their leaks on sites like freesoff , udemycourses , onlinecourses … etc. So after that, they complain to their hosting service, google, and domain provider and send a DMCA notice (in maximum cases) and if these notices come more frequently then our site can be permanently banned … its a basic knowledge now you can search this and read it more on google.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell who is hosting this website, because it is hidden behind [CloudFlare] proxy. No tool on the internet will be able to tell you the hosting company for this website.

Copyright owner contacts cloudflare … but
maximum complains were filed on google because these sites shares the link only not uploaded the content so these copyright owners contacts google and demands no result in the google search results from these sites related to their stuff (copyright owner’s stuff)… means they don’t want availability of their pirated content to more peoples.

But these copyright things effect your google AdSense… they decrease their revenue upto 90%.

they contact their hosting and domain site if you have something big

You can also make your site as a .onion link using Tor Browser and host it on your own PC (Or on RDP) by installing some server applications like Apache, MySQL, etc.

But the Drawbacks are:

  • Your site in NOT indexed on any search engine.
  • Only the person with the specific .onion link will be able to reach that site.
  • You need to Turn ON the PC 24/7 (If you host on your own PC).

Though, You can’t get any DMCA/Copyright Strikes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ik bro … i daily use tor

I got what I want.