Which operating system should be best for low end hardware computer?

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I like to tinker with stuff like that. Thanks

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I have used most of the Linux operating systems. There were many desktop environments like Gnome, KDE, Xfce and LXDE.

  • I will suggest you Zorin OS 16 Lite for low end hardware computer. Because in Zorin OS Lite the user interface is similar to Windows. So, there won’t be any issues with it to use.

  • If you need Hacking Tools preinstalled, I will suggest you Parrot Security OS or Kali Linux.

In my old laptop I have installed Zorin OS 16 Lite. It runs smoothly. In my primary laptop I’m using Windows 10 and Parrot Security OS.

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i have used ubunutu , mint and some more , but they seem to crash very often. I like ubuntu like interface it gives the feel of pro :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. but they crash or freeze the entire system with keyboard and mouse and fixing them take lot of time and even more patience.

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Zorin OS 16 Lite [For basic use on low-spec PCs up to 15 years old]. You can customize it like even ubuntu interface if you like. I will send you a sample screenshot of my Zorin OS in my old laptop.

it look great , i will try it soon . thanks


Linux based systems are great if you know how to code lol.

But i think its a low barrier of entry, never really got past the first levels though.

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Software best for making bootable pen drive , balenaEtcher or rufus?

ubuntu is quite user friendly for entry level users too

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Rufus is best I will suggest you or you can use Balena Etcher also

was booting a PC dell with windows 10, but just after it finished, it went off i power it on, the fan just run keybord and mouse still off. any ideas

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Some suggestions:

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May be this can help you further :heart: