What are the reason behind link expiry?

Hello All,

Every time someone posts any important course link in Mega, Google Drive, etc. The link gets expires very soon or comes under the violation act. So my question is:

  1. Who exactly Report it?
  2. How does the storage service provider checks whether the claim is correct or not?
  3. How does the original course creator know about it? (Are there any spy present among us :slight_smile: )
  4. How can we make it cryptic so that no one can’t prove their claim regarding piracy?
  5. Are there any storage service provider which allows us to upload any content and never deletes/removes it against any piracy violation)?
  6. How can we maintain the file storage to its maximum life without getting removed under the violation act?
  7. Is there any other way to share the file? (apart from dark web :slight_smile: )

Just wanted to know what other think about it?

A healthy and progressive conversation will be much appreciated.



I think they have set bots or crawlers or maybe some algorithms which search for particular keywords which check them regularly.


I think they only check for DMCA resource If that link is accessed by many people and take that down if their guidelines violated

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Thanks for commenting.

Can we make a bot through which everyone access the resource so that a single IP is generated for that particular resource and DMCA will not notice any bulk ip’s to that resource. (Hypothetically speaking)

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Can we make a disguise keyword or algorithm or only show image to that particular resource so that other crawler or algorithm will not able to detect it easily ?