What are the different benefits of using a proxy server?

What are the different benefits of using a proxy server?

1) Hide your IP address

  • In certain situations in some organizations, the server can also prevent a person from accessing certain websites.
  • When used in these cases, a proxy server is useful as it allows you to visit and access a website without any identification of your IP address.
  • On a broader scale, there are countries that block the access of their residents to certain websites or online content.
  • Using a reliable proxy server, you can easily confuse the filter and access information on the Internet, plus you can use mobile proxies as well.

2) Filter requests

  • A proxy server can not only be used as a means of accessing blocked websites, but it can also be used to restrict access to websites for individuals using the network.
  • Businesses can use proxy servers to prevent employees from accessing websites that could damage a company’s network or reduce overall performance.

3) Protection and Security

  • If you browse the Internet directly from an IP address that does not have a tool to act as an intermediary, then the security level of your computer is relatively low.
  • This means that your computer and server are vulnerable to hackers.
  • When using a proxy server, external servers are not sure which server is your direct IP and thus you will be better protected.
  • Some proxy servers are used as firewalls for added security, providing additional protection for computers from hackers.

4) Performance and efficiency

  • Some proxies use cached data; however, it probably means nothing to you and makes you wonder what benefits a caching proxy can offer?
  • There is a simple answer to this question.
  • Let’s say that a person is using the same network that you are using and wants to visit the same page that you have already visited, then the proxy does not need to visit any target website.
  • It can extract information from already received cached data.
  • This increases the speed of information transfer, speeds up work and reduces the volume of traffic coming from the server of the target site.

5) Anonymity when using the Internet

  • If you want to surf the Internet anonymously, then it is most beneficial to use a proxy server.
  • If you think that hackers are the only people using proxies for anonymity reasons, then you are greatly mistaken.
  • In many cases, people choose to hide their IP and therefore their identity on the Internet.

6) Business location

  • International companies may want to present different content depending on the user’s location.
  • To do this, they will need to use a proxy server.
  • A proxy server can locate a visitor’s IP address and load appropriate pages for a specific visitor according to need or desire.