website domain name where we can paste a YouTube video link and get a blog post

Hello All

Could you please provide the website domain name where we can paste a youtube video link and get a blog post?

I found that website somewhere in this forum but I forget the domain name.

Thanks in Advance,

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If you are looking for YT video subtitles downloader then try this -

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Thank you @Inetwork_CB!

There is a website where we can put a YouTube link and generate a blog post.

Where we can easily read like a blog post, edit that blog post, and don’t need to do any chores at all.

If I’m reading this correctly, does it mean this website converts the video into text?

I’m confused. Or is it actually subtitles?

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Yes you’re reading correctly.
Not a subtiltes.

which forum it was ?? try this

Try these

  1. Services - Rev
    You can download srt from Youtube videos and convert into blog. Select " classic editor " to access the srt dropdown.



Hi @Pishone_David

Is this a free tool or paid?

Both are paid. I think Rev has a free plan. (Not sure). But to be honest, the way Rev works, you can just download subtitles from Youtube and Copy, paste and edit in your blog. It’s much better when you think about the customization.