Web clipper browser extension for extracting content from web pages

Rumin Web Clipper

Browser extension for Rumin which allows you to save learnings from online resources.

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It comes with site-specific logic for automatically extracting key information, such as video playing time on YouTube, course info and reference on edX, metadata on Kindle notes etc. This can be easily extended to add extraction logic to any web page.

This is useful for learning, research, and saving interesting ideas for creative work.

You can also search / look up existing content (defaulting to the Rumin backend) using the “Lookup” tab.

Saving with one click

You can use the extension to bookmark a page, or select a particular passage by simply highlighting it.

By default, the extension can be opened using the Ctrl / Cmd + K keyboard shortcut.


Take a screenshot in one click, using the “Screenshot” button. It captures the content in the current browser window.

Page-specific Parsing Logic

The extension comes with page-specific logic extracts the key metadata, and turns page content into structured data. This way, you don’t have to copy and paste back and forth.

Currently supported sites include:

  • YouTube video
  • Skillshare
  • edX
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Netflix
  • Messages on Slack
  • Comments on Reddit and more


The “Lookup” tab fetches existing captured notes/snippets from the current url by default. You can also use it to search your knowledge base.


It is easy to add support for automatic extraction on more sites. All you need is logic to check the url (or content) of the current page, and add logic to update customFields accordingly.

For example, it can be extended to save the top Hacker News comments on a thread, or save metadata of an answer on Quora.

Custom Backend

To use this extension for a different project, simply swap out the getrumin.com API calls with your custom endpoints.

Upcoming work

  • Replace jQuery code with React components.
  • Support custom logic for extraction on each page. e.g. saved extraction scripts
  • Allow editing of automatically extracted fields
  • Support multi-capture on the same page
  • Allow for adjustment of the dimensions of the screenshot
  • Add OCR to captured images
  • Support PDF format
  • Faster fetching of existing collections
  • Navigate nested collections (similar to nested folders)

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