Watch Any Wondrium Premium Course/Classes Free

After Long Time :smiley: - Again Started Development of Downloaders and Scrapers .
Here New Unique Downloader for Learners . Watch And Learn your favourite Subject from Wondrium Free of Cost.

Need Active Community member To help and learn with me . I’m developing 10 new Tools. Feedback of this tool will be appreciated . Thanks.


looks great! wow! nice! really really nice, easy to use so far!

would it be possible to download all videos for a course, including the names of the videos?

ex: 1 - name of first video.mp4
2 - name of second video.mp4

This would be great to allow us to watch the videos offline as well.

Thank you!


Yes That’s what I gonna do next.

awesomeeee! amazing! thx a lot!

Working good, thanks!

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this is incredible , thaks a million to share it with us

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Thank you Friends i will be well informed by this!

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Thanks man, carry on!

Yep… I was debugging a little with chrome inspector but it´s not so easy to get the url from PLYR player indeed. Hope you get a workaround or at least some lateral solution, even one not so easy as a list of mp4. (maybe an mu8 or … something similar). Maybe with stream data one can VLC´d the file and save it locally)
Hope this makes sense hehe.

thanks so much it’s amazing!!

Fingers crossed @7xm_xyz works it out : D

Where there is a will, there is a way hehe : )

Easy on 7xm_xyz… Soft he makes, soft that works. I should (we) should already be grateful with the web-scrapping-player with thumbnails + text details he made. It´s the hoarder part of us the hardest to kill, 7xm_xyz. Please please forgive us :melting_face: :vulcan_salute:

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100% agree, it is the hoarder part of us that keeps coming back.

As @TeacherALvaro said, @7xm_xyz pls forgive us :pray:


Maaaaan I cannot find the niciest word to express my gratitude for you work
definitely when I grow up I want to be like you :smiley: :heart:
hopefully this stays free forever :slight_smile:


Sweet . Yes My all Tools are Free Forever.


An outstanding work. Great service towards the community. Kudos and forever Thankful.

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working like charm smooth thanks for the efforts

@7xm_xyz Thank you for this great share. I also found something similar site which does the same job.

Wondiurm Watch Anything: Wondrium Tutorials

signed in just to say thanks for the tool. I envy your skills.

Thank You for sharing. Love your works keep it up.