✅ Want to Speed Up your PC? , Get rid of Data Dumps including Tracking User Data etc

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Your PC is a data dump for all companies online from User Data Dumps from browsers, Trackers, Registery entries, Temps etc, Companies like Google, Microsoft even Firefox have user data dumps along with many

For that you need a Visualzier for your Drive directories, there are many but this small one is powerful

Software Page: WinDirStat

Use Sorceforge link - Ideal

For Auto Dumps & Trackers cleaning there are many, even CCleaner does some job

Best is Iobit Advanced System Care

Get here: Advanced System Care

To get for 6-months free try this code:


You can clean browser, cookies & other data which makes browser fast, but many of your site data are cleaned; so take care of that too while doing

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I’ve been using Foldersize all this time. Since you’ve posted it, I’ll give it a try.

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There are many we can list, but this is tool is less than 1mb :+1:

WinDirStat is slow and has little reporting.
Directory Report is faster and has much more reporting

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Maybe I’m using high-end pc tht’s y didn’t see difference :smile:

Thanks for information :heart:

This tools are very great for finding bloatwares, virus-dumps etc

Haven’t included PC section in the list, it would have been there

Will share in future posts.

hi hope you are well can you kindly share another 6 months code if possible

amazing share dude @Red_Orange

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