Want Guidance on my career

Hi ! All the members I am CSE graduate from tier-3 college (India) i.e. 14-18 (cleared in 19) and got first job in Feb. 2021 up to that no job gap is there and till now doing odd jobs now 5 years are completed of college my friends earning in lakhs and I am still struggling I don’t know what to do. I have basic knowledge of Digital Marketing , SEO , Designing as I worked in them and also created some Python projects but not able to make my own projects. I bought courses etc. but all are in vain coz I am not able to make my own projects without tutorials. Please anyone can guide me what should I do so that I can get good job up to 30 K per month my current salary in 15k.


Hi ! Bro thanks for response but I am doing 10-7 job 2 hours of travelling , I reached tired at home not able to focus if I try to read or to do projects. When I try to sleep career problems comes in my mind how should I take of family in future etc.

Please provide genuine responses everyone and not Chat GPT responses.


Go freelance you have a knowledge in basic programming. Build website, join fiverr, udemy, upwork, etc

my main problem is I am not able to make a website by myself but able to make with tutorial.

Learn online, there is a lot of free resources online :slight_smile:

Use mimo mobile app.
It easy to use. I’ve been using It since 1 year ago. And it helped understanding about web development. Not only web development but also you can learn about SQL, etc. After that, you can start open a service / freelance. You said that you have a basic knowledge about digital marketing. Why not use it your knowledge even that’s only a basic skill. beside you can improve your skill as time goes by isn’t it?

bro if you know the basic then just start building if u stuck then search tutorial for that specific problem not the full tutorial of building website

and do it until u get it

bro its totally upto you

u should be grateful that you are in a stage where if u fix your mindset and make good plans and execute them then u will be the strongest person here .

if u just think think and think then u will never be able to come out of it and u will have plenty of regrets which wouldnt be if you had taken a strong decision now.

finally stop making excuses like i dont get sleep bla bla bla(now intentions to make fun of you i know u are really working hard i admire it ) but no one gives a damn about how hard you work until you show results .so in the first place you should not try sleep you should work all the way up until u get sleeep .

take it easy if its rude try to understand what im trying to say and dont focus on the tone of the message , but you should work way harder (it only happens when you enjoy it and it doesn’t feel so)


First i would recommend you to build your mindset, There are many things like paradigm, biases, polarity paradoxes etc, this are the things which are connected with your mind and your character, understading your why and your goal is essential to get succeed, and why do i recommending you to focus on your mindset it’s because you can’t create a solution by your own, maybe you can do is copy but not able to create by your own, why? becaue what you have learned is the process like “how to use python, digital marketing etc” What you don’t know about is “Business disciplines” “Business principles” “Mental cognition” “Mental awareness” I know this things sound stupid but this are the things you need stack under the processes. And what I am seeing now is you are not focused in one, you are doing coding and digital marketing together, well it’s not wrong to do that but you first need to focus at one thing and master it than you can hop into the other niche, So focus on learning one, master it and then learn about negotiation, human nature, psycology, and body languages after doing all this, i don’t think there as any reason for you to not a get a 3+ lakh a month job.


Hi Nitesh,

I understand what you’re going through because I was in the same situation over ten years ago. Let me explain it to you in the simplest way possible.

First, if you constantly focus on others who are getting better pay packages than you, you might end up switching jobs frequently. This can reduce your chances of working for top companies. Secondly, if you want to become an expert in a specific skill quickly, you need to be disciplined and put in the necessary effort.

Now, let’s talk about skills. Anyone who is not from a technical background, can learn digital marketing, which has increased competition among other candidates. However, this also means there is more competition, and companies can negotiate salaries easily. To stand out, you should upskill yourself in emerging technologies like Data Analysis, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Data Engineering, and Blockchain.

These skills are either currently trending or will be in high demand soon, and companies are willing to pay higher salaries for them.

There are many online courses available that you can pay for to improve your skills. If affordability is an issue, you can check out the website Freesoff.com, which offers a wide range of free courses to get you started. But remember, it’s important to actually follow through and execute what you learn; otherwise, you’ll remain in the same position you’re in now.

Based on my experience, I’ve realized that having a strong foundation in fundamental skills like programming, data structures, and algorithms is essential. This knowledge will help you excel in technical interviews at big companies, especially since you have a computer science engineering background. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in marketing, then focus on building a strong foundation in marketing-related subjects.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Best regards.


@Aryan108 I have been in your shoe Before… and he’s my little suggestions :smiling_face::+1:

Firstly remember this words “People now believe and invest in what they see”

From You Post, you have some experience in Digital marketing, DESIGN, SEO, and python… basically you have everything except Purpose or Creativity (pardon my tone Here :smiling_face:)

No True Programer knows it all… That’s why we have stack overflow, GitHub, Caniuse and QUORA.


  1. Rebrand yourself and get a particular purpose.
    . WEB DEVELOPER OR WEB DESIGNER: needs understanding of (Digital marketing, DESIGN, SEO, and python)

  2. Work On your Designing Skills
    GRAPHICS DESIGNER: needs to focus on UI Design (Photoshop, Illustrator,Figma or Adobe XD) and also work on being CREATIVE

  3. Work on your Coding Skills
    . HTML,CSS,JS, PYTHON: Needs to learn them to The point were you can create a basic about me web page without looking tutorial…

FINALLY use your design skills to Design a good portfolio Website and try to Develop what you design without looking at tutorial… Instead if you get stock Use stack overflow, GitHub, Caniuse and QUORA. After this You can REBRAND YOURSELF with your New Identity (show friends and family what you can do, Start small, NEVER LET AGE Or Time be an ISSUE)

Don’t FORGET YOU ALSO HAVE this amazing Forum (Freesoff) to come to when you get stock…

Let me know if this helps You or you need more Clarity


Any company pays you based on your skills, to do what they want

If more people do the same thing, the value of the the thing decreases ( making tea anyone can do)

So if you are looking to get paid more you need to be really good at making the company what people want

Also look at specialising than rather than being a jack of all trades( if you can get a certification from outside on Ai, machine learning or data science)

Always try and give interviews, and look for new opportunities.

If you focus on learning and delivering results, then you will get paid more in the long run

Anyone who is not from a technical background, can learn digital marketing, which has increased competition among other candidates

Thanks for this I never thought this way that anyone can do this Digital Marketing stuff I started with the plan to complete 3 small projects of DS and Web in next 4 months and will apply for jobs while working with this job.

Thanks all for the response and support I started the projects without using any tutorial and I will update all of as soon as I complete the project.


I’m glad to hear that you found this perspective helpful.

Hello, i don’t think i am best to guide someone but let me tell you about myself. Mechanical engineer 2018 batch passout. I didn’t get job till 2022. After that i got an opportunity and i started working in it and i am earing good enough to put food on table.

Now thing is , you just need to start, don’t think to take dev job if you have no coding experience, start with easy one like manual testing that doesn’t require any coding skill.
You will get around 20-25k easily.

But for that you have to learn some basic concepts which you can found on youtube .

Don’t think someone going to help you. You have to start yourself. I have wasted 4 year of my self just for wait but no regreats i am doing good now.

Hope it will help.

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Also remember to explore other cities or countries (why not?). The world is big and the opportunities are just anywhere. I agree with other people that were saying about working out your mentality

Hi ! All the people who helped me on this I want to update that I got a project to design a website for a small company for selling their products (freelance cause I asked them very less amount than others ). I am excited about this I know softwires like Xd and Illustrator but I am not getting how should I design connection on pages if you can help me its quite a big help.