Vypr Vpn Without Cc Method | %100 Working

1- Open the link - https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/buy-vpn 15

2- Select monthly plan $ 12.95.

3- Fill in: Name, Last name. Mail. Use a temporary email , Password.

4- Select country USA POSTAL CODE places 10010

5- In the payment method select Union Pay !

6.- You will be redirect to the page of AlilPay just close the tab.

7.- Now open VyprVPN in Your Phone login with the email and password.

8- You will get an email to verify, if not, just click on Resend confirmation email.

9- You put the verification code in the application and you’re done.

10- Hit the like button or run !


somehow it works :smiley:

It works but i’m afraid they will ban the account after few days