Vivek Bindra's Bada Business Lifetime Membership all Courses

Hi All, I know everyone including me were eagerly waiting to download all courses of Vivek Bindra.
So I have 2 news for you all. One is a good news and the other one is a bad news.

So Good News is, my friend has a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (LTM) of Vivek Bindra’s Bada Business :star_struck: :heart_eyes:where he has access to all courses like EAE/Business Coaching Program (BCP), Alladin Cha Chirag Documents, all Problem Solving Courses (PSC), Combo Pack Courses, and recently launched all 7 Star courses. Screenshot attached.

Now Comes Bad News :frowning_face:. I tried all means to get a copy of courses like various screen recorder apps, but nothing worked, only blackscreen recorded. I also tried bluestacks and installed the app. But the app doesn’t open in bluestack player. I mailed the bluestack support team but even they were unable to resolve :disappointed_relieved:. So admins and members can anyone please guide me how can I do this?. I have also watched few videos in his mobile but I want all courses available offline. Needed your help so badly. Plz guide.


Try to use OBS. obs works in every way


Let’s connect I also like Vivek Bindra’s courses. i will check if I can help you


if you can open videos on PC then try using IDM


if on android then try using “screen recorder - Xrecorder” app


using http canary and bots. There are many rippers that do these works all time …they are available on telegram…they already leaked many courses.


Try disabling hardware acceleration in whatever broweser ou’re using. It usually works.


Thank you guys for your suggestions but nothing worked as this android app is highly secured and screenshot/recording restricted app…Tried all means…also it cannot be opened on laptop too. :frowning_face:

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If you really want to extract courses I can give the usernames of rippers on telegram. Then you can contact them.

  1. Use another mobile to record
  2. Use recorder in graphic card
  3. try to use anydesk and record on another pc

There must be a tool and solution, I got access to 2 of thier courses which is recorded on mobile.

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Thanks Plz do share it.

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Hiiii Bro I Understood Your Problem And I Can Totally Gurantee You That I can Solve Your Problem. Because I have Faced this Problem but i got solution of this that’s why I have some courses of Dr Vivek bindra offline in my computer. Like, How To Start A Startup,Debt Management And E-commerce. I Can Solve Your Problem Totally.

You can contact me on My Email - personal details removed

Thank you


I tried all posiible methods including screen, download managers etc

the app basically senses and intrusion and automatically shuts down

the only way is like movie piracy, just use a phone and camera and record all the courses

long process

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HIII Devanshu I Know Because I faced This Situation But Now I Got Solution Contac Me

provide us recorder name,what,s you using

use internet download manager, the addon will be added and you can download the video then

Lol share the courses with community

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Can you access it in web browsers?

Hi just try to link your phone to the pc then record from there
just press windows + G or
win + alt + R
it records everything
try it out