Vaughan Evans - FT Essential Guides - Writing a Busines Plan (Third edition) (2022)


296 pages | ISBN: 1292416173 | pdf

Whether you seek financial backing or board consent, The Financial Times Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan will give you the critical knowledge you need to get the go-ahead. By focusing clearly on your objective, it will help you to gather the necessary evidence and address all your backers concerns.

This brand-new edition draws out the specific challenges faced by start-ups, particularly on pinning down your perceived market niche and determining your competitive advantage. There are new chapters on pitching the plan and performing against the plan, using key performance indicators and milestones.

Finally, new appendices outline alternative sources of funding and display an example business plan from start to finish.Written by a seasoned practitioner with years of experience in both writing and evaluating business plans for funding, it will help you formulate a coherent, consistent and convincing plan with your backers needs in mind. Follow its guidance and your plan will have every chance of winning the backing you need for your business to succeed.

Some of the skills you‘ll learn include

  • Extending empathy to yourself and others
  • Distinguishing between feelings and needs
  • Making requests rather than demands
  • Creating mutually satisfying outcomes
  • And many more


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