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Anyone please share the Vivek Bindra Ecommerce COurse. The link is not working anymore

Which link are you referring to? Did you check the first post? It’s still available in the directory

@Sibijay - Is there a way to create a copy/backup of these courses on cloud without individually downloading and uploading each course??

@Sibijay I think he’s looking for a way to backup the course. If that’s the case, there are plenty of ways to do that.

The easiest would be to use a VPS or RDP and transfer it wherever you want. It’s basically downloading and uploading but not with your bandwidth. Look up neverinstall for free VPS.

This is also possible with mirror bots. You can use mirror groups on telegram to mirror it to their GDrive and use it wherever you want. Or host your own bots. Speaking about bots, there’s also a discord bot you can use to clone it.

For other ways, look-up RClone, Multicloud, AutoRclone, Gclone, easyclone and Folderclone. Hope this helps.

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Please provide vibek bindra sir course new link…:pray::pray::pray: there is only pdf in below link

open the very first link

Please sir new link update kijye

The DGrive link still works. Check the solved post.

How can I download all courses instead of downloading one by one?

Right click on the directory shown above and click download. Although I suggest you download Individually since it takes a lot of time to compress.

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Thank you for responding. But this is on another website. I am attaching screenshot. Please check it.

You can’t download from Index links. Only individual files. But you can download all the files in a folder using IDM or any download manager. Run grabber and download all at the same time or queue your downloads.

Next time ask these types of questions in the relative thread. Asking about downloading from Index has nothing to do with this course.

Thank you so much for this bro

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It’s working bro!! ThanQ


plz hlep me

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It’s as it says, download quota exceeded. Try again tomorrow. And for the GDrive link, The folder is now private. Nothing can be done now.

is there any way to transfer/copy the file into my share drive or mega account because i’m unable to download whenever i click to download then “Reason: The download quota for this file has been exceeded.” this will popup.

There are lots of ways. Search the forum. But you can’t do it when the transfer quota is over. No workaround. Wait for the transfer quota to reset.

Bro. Please update the link