Use Google’s AI to Practice Interviewing

This piece of artificial intelligence is called Interview Warmup, a simple yet powerful program you can use to practice common interview questions for different professions. Google currently has six different job types to choose from, including Data Analytics, E-Commerce, IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, and General (in case the previous five job types don’t match yours).

Whichever program you choose, the fundamental experience is the same: an AI-assisted interview trainer that helps you answer questions as effectively as possible.

While the program only gives you five questions at a time, it has way more than that in the bank:

  1. Data Analytics: 66 questions
  2. E-Commerce: 49 questions
  3. IT Support: 41 questions
  4. Project Management: 42 questions
  5. UX Design: 50 questions
  6. General: 14 questions

It scans your answer for anything that seems to fall into either experience, skills, lessons learned, goals, or interest.

Interview Warmup

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