Use a Python script to obtain cookies from Envato, Canva, Skillshare, or Grammarly

I created a Python script to retrieve cookies from Envato, Canva, Skillshare, and Grammarly.
In your browser, you can access the following replit link: cookies - Replit
If Edge does not work, try Chrome or Firefox.

I may upgrade the script later to allow you to receive additional cookies.
If you have any questions, please contact me.


working well and quickly.

Working great. Thank you

I was in need for skillshare, thanks.

thanks it’s working…

how to use for skillshare (cookies)

how to use the script i was tried importing the code in cookie editor but couldn’t… please help

Hello, when you’re on the website, you should copy the specified cookies and import them using the cookie editor plugin.

Hey, double-check that you’ve picked the correct cookies; the selection should begin with ‘[’ and end with ‘]’.

thank you! it worked now

doesnt work anymore. an error shows when I choose envato elements or placeit

how to use it, not able to understand the procedure