[Urgent Request] I need a free RDP

The topic explains everything.


I am going into the cyber security field and I can’t install various software on my PC. Since it is low-end, My PC won’t run virtual box or VMware

Type of RDP:

→ Can be in the form of VPS
→ At least 1-month duration is given
→ Fast af. Not buggy so it can be any server

Things to note:

→ This RDP must be entirely free
→ No CC and phone number required
→ You can refer me a VCC with the bin

What will I offer to the community in return?

→ A private (my own personal method) to get entirely free rotating and residential proxies. They have legitimately helped me all along my grey hat career


Doesn’t serve your type of description but I have a method:

It gives 50 mins of free trial but you can reset if you know the method…

Maybe you didn’t understand. The rdp life should be at least 1 month.

How are you getting 50mins. I’ve only ever seen this offer 20mins. Not much time for anything. Soon as you set anything up its over lol.

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can you create group cyber security so we learn together.

ye ye i was also thinking abt that sus sus

Common it can’t be that hard for you guys. I really need one!

Try microsoft azure 1month free trial

but the rdp is alive for only 1 hour. Useless

Try this Free RDP

seems to work but I don’t know how to install it