[UPDATED] Method to create Unlimited Office 365 + 5TB OneDrive

Make it while it works!

This is not my method and I am not affiliated with the website used. I have tried it and worked for me.

Step by step:

  1. Go to > (https://od.obagg.com/#intro);

  2. Create Account and Get Email and Password;

  3. Login with Given Email and Password in Microsoft;

  4. Update Your Password;

  5. DONE Office 365 + 5TB OneDrive!



It’s work! cheer!! :grinning: :grinning:

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That’s Awesome!!! BIG THANKS @anonxpro

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it is lifetime or just for a limited period ??

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I can verify that this method works and legit. you will get a office 365 A1 license which was a student/faculty free license of office 365. You can do word, excel, power point and all other features of MS Office but only on the browser. You still don’t have a MS Office Desktop App License. This method just help to provide a valid .edu email and find an available slots from schools/institutions for you to join to. The best part of this was the 5TB OneDrive Personal Storage. Whether this has a lifetime license validity or not, I’m not sure. maybe valid for 2-4 years. search for “office 365 a1 for faculty” to find out more about the license.

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tanks renadz for theses information

to complete your comment, I just found that it’s a lifetime storage space

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How did you come to know it’s lifetime storage space?
Like I wasn’t able to find under subscription page when it will expire

read the reglementation of the website, i find it there

you said —this method just help to provide a valid .edu email
how can u plz explain.
how do i get .edu mail??

just follow anonxpro’s steps by steb guide and you will automatically get and email and account to office 365. it’s very easy. you’ll get what i mean. :grin:

You will also get office desktop apps. Check here. Compare Office 365 Education Plans: Office 365 For Education

To enable them, you have to install MS office, and then login using this account. After it updates, it will be activated.

I can’t get my account after signUp … someone plz help

not working
you need to purchase it

Can you tell how you got account ?

Same for me can’t get account

i can’t get the verification code? I can’t finish signup if I don’t have it. please help

How to sign up for an account? Can you guide us, please. Thank you @anonxpro

did you make an account and get 5tb onedrive?

Not working… asking for money

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