Unlimited Bandwidth Limit for Cloudfare Warp App ~2 Petabyte

• Open & Run: WarpKeyGen - Replit
• Enter the number of keys to generate.
• It will generate keys like: xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx
• Copy the key.
• Open te app and navigate to Menu > Account > Key > Change Key and paste the key.
• You’ll get 12 PB worth of bandwidth. If not repeat it until you succeed.


It Working Bro, Please Try It Again!!

Thanks for Sharing Bro!!

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Did you use PC or phone?

It worked for me in PC.
Thank you @MrUnknown

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It’s worked. Thanks. I used mobile.


Hi, this is new to me. Sorry for a noob question, what’s this one for? And how can I use it? Thanks in advance for answering (to anyone) :pray::blush:

  1. Download warp 1111.
  2. Install it.
  3. Go to Setting - Preferences - Account - Use Different Key
  4. input the keys that you get from website above given by @MrUnknown
  5. DONE.

What is it used for?
google it, you will get proper explanation there. :slight_smile:


Not well explained, Please explain a little more

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I had used the PC Bro

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I checked many keys but not working.

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It Works on both PC and Android.

Try generating some more codes. It’s working

It seems direct…Where can I Clarify?

Try generating a few… It’s working

It worked :slight_smile: Thanks.

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worked for me… thanks

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You can try reloading the page. I had experienced the same issue.