🔥 Unique All-in-one Premium Downloader Scripts

Unique script. Collection of Demanded Tools. White Label.

This is not a product or internet selling script . This is my own script I’ve developed each and every tool.
I’ve daily 2k+ users on my site using this script Without SEO and Promotion.

How it Works:

All tools in my script are BOT/Scraper . Means they scrap data from original source and bypass multistep and shows result directly on my script.
Some Tools are using Apis Like Tiktok YouTube Downloader . All APis are from original source Not any third-party Apis. Means No chance of Getting Ban or Restriction.


Script Have 2 Modes of License

  • Monthly Basis ( You have to pay monthly price to continue Using Script )
  • Permanent (One time Price for Unlimited Use . )

Expiration/Blocking of Tools Working:

As I’ve mentioned that all tools are Scraper means scraping data from source . So, if in future Source may change its policies or data manipulation method. So, You will get free support to fix or update its working method If Possible.
No Guaranteed that we will get its new data manipulation method . But we will try if we got new updated method You will also get it free of Cost.

Cost of Script :

  • Monthly (2$ per tool or 10$ all tools) [ Script Design Included + Installation ]
  • Permanent (30$ per tool Or 200$ For all tools) [ Script Design Included + Installation ]

Refund policy:

No Refund Policy . Test Product before Buying.

Payment Method

  • Paypal [Buyer will pay Fee of paypal].
  • IBAN Direct Bank Transfer
  • Crypto Payment .
  • Payoneer.
  • Invoice Payment [Debit/Credit Card ]


We are developing New Bots/Scrapers on regular basis . & You will get free updates with new tools and Also Bugs fixation in newer version of script.

If Anyone Have any Question Feel Free to Ask .

Website Demo : https://7xm.xyz

Visit it and test All tools on it. You will get know its worth. Thanks


Is there tiktok bulk download from user without watermark ?


Yes is there a bulk tik tok videos option?

expectation price?
i didn’t have so much budget for it.

@7xm_xyz Keep Going, God Speed! :heart:

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Its alright, there are other free options available on the internet. No one is forcing you to buy it. :slight_smile:

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does this script require any external apis or accounts to run?

Umm! Didn’t worked on it before . But Yeah Possible. I Like your Idea . For sure I’ll do it to make option for Bulk downloader within Week. Thanks for Idea.

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Sir, Almost all tools are Scrapers , means scraping data from orignal website not any Thirdparty . So , No external account or API needed . Nothing. Just script hosted on Server . That’s it . and if you need API version . You can get API Version in Cheaper Price.

Thank You Sir . Working Day Night on that Tools . And To be Honest Results are better than my expectation . Like getting huge traffic & adsense Earning . Community are loving that tools.


Awesome work brother , keep going :fire:

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May i know the price? I am interested

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Hello Everyone. Sharing Best offer For all of you. After Precious Feedback and Words . I wanna Share my tools in 1$ per tool.

So You can select and get your tool in 1$. You can directly inbox for that.

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can you create a tool by which I can bulk download no watermark TikTok videos ?
by using @username or maybe by copy/pasting links of all the videos I want to download from tiktok at once using link grabber or some similar tools ?

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Great share bro, thanks for your help!

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i need this tool, so tell me the process how i will buy

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Yes, there is a tool we can provide username, hashtag or even links. Select the no.of videos and download them.

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Working on it . (For tiktok). Soon it will be live.

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Disabled My Adblocker for your website. Thank you for your work!

i need freepik downloader