Ultimate NFT Playbook (2021)

The Ultimate NFT Playbook will cover:
:heavy_check_mark: What NFTs are and how they work
:heavy_check_mark: How to snipe rare NFTs before they go viral
:heavy_check_mark: How to set up your digital wallet to buy and sell NFTs
:heavy_check_mark: How to Mint NFTs with zero GAS fees
:heavy_check_mark: BONUS: How you can create and launch your very own NFT project from scratch!

When trying to make money with NFTs, a specific ruleset is important to follow in order to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk. This is the exact ruleset that we use to make money from NFTs, and is exactly what you will be learning in the Ultimate NFT Playbook.

Sales Page: https://ultimatenftplaybook.com/
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Password: freesoff.com


Cannot unzip using the password given :woozy_face:

Just tried it and it works.

THank for sharing it.

Anyone can help me unzip or give me the link to unzip copy? As I keep testing also cannot …

@Sibijay Thank you for sharing salute!

@doraemon It’s working man just copy and paste the given password above.

Hi, i can’t download the file.

Could you provide an error message?

It’s working, redownload the file again.

Hey, I’m also trying to download the file but I can’t find a place to enter password for the free material. There’s only a take me to cart purchase button. Is it not available any more?

There are more than 10 mirrors available to download and all of them are working.

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I’m sorry I’m just new here. I was clicking on the wrong link. Thank you brother.

there is something with a zipcode and still cant download it …

didnt see any password

Maybe you didn’t read the post properly. Password is just below the link.

:face_with_peeking_eye: for your convenience

I have been looking for this since last year and I finally got it here!
Thank you very much!
And just in case, NFT’s lover would really appreciate if you can upload the 2022 Edition of this book.
Once again, thank you very much!