Ultimate EBAY Refund Guide 2021 - Get Anything From eBay Free

First off don’t scam small sellers. Someone just trying to make a little cash doesn’t deserve to get their stuff stolen. Target big sellers especially scalpers so you can get that PS5 for free boys ???

What You’ll Need:
eBay Account
Cash To Buy What You Want (Don’t worry you’ll get it back

  1. Buy whatever it is you want. Doesn’t matter price. Things that come in boxes like consoles or phones are better though.
  2. Wait until your item arrives. Doesn’t matter if there’s tracking on the item or not.
  3. Message eBay directly (Not the seller) and escalate. Say you received the item but it was the items box with nothing in it. Ex. Apple Watch box with no phone.
  4. Say you want a refund. eBay is super buyer friendly so they’ll give you one. They’ll give you a shipping label so just send back the empty box after you take the console out.
  5. They only really care about tracking so once the item is marked as delivered you’ll get youre refund.

What if my item doesn’t come in a box?

Then you do this method though slightly changed.

  1. Buy the item and check the sellers page. Big sellers (who you should be scamming] often have lots of different products on their page. Browse it and look for something you might already have like a hat and say it looks used/tampered with.
  2. When the item arrives say you received the wrong item.
  3. Send back the item you said looked used.
  4. Get you’re money back when it arrives
    Now what if you don’t have an item that’s like something they’re selling? Use the empty box method. So the same as the ones above must say nothing at all came in the box and send back the empty box.

This one might be disputed though and if they believe the seller (Doubt it) you could get your account banned. I’d recommend the ones about first.

And that’s it happy scamming. Give feedback so I can improve this method.