UI Case Study (Video Course) (ENG) - Hype4 Academy

2.0 version of this course was added February 8th 2023.

Running time: ~5 hours

The Course that Makes the difference

Many designers who finished this course reported they are now getting invited to job interviews or have gotten their dream job after months of rejections! That’s AWESOME!

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This is awesome I’ve been looking for this

Is this the latest version

links are broken now


Do you maybe have a backup? Would be helpful for me.

if anyone has the link, kindly reshare. plx

Hello @e-master link was brokem as iam late. I request ypu to kimdly share if you habe the link of the cpurse i really need this

would be nice if you could renew the link

Please renew the link. I am looking forward to learning this and more from Hype4Academy.

Linke empty/ Link does not work

Link is down… please Repload

Link is broken . Plz provide new link

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link is empty

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Link broken please revoke

Please share fresh link

Hi, can you share the link if you’ve already downloaded the course?

@e-master Thank you for posting. The course is incomplete, is there anywhere we can find the complete course?

bro i want to talk to you regarding frontend masters course i was unable to reply there thats why asking here i also have 300gb frontend masters courses i have taken a backup but the files are password protected . Do you know the password of the files?