Udemy - Adobe Premier Pro Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know

Course Description:
Editing video is becoming a MUST TO KNOW in the world we are living. Now most of the marketing, advertisements and even going to school is online.

ADOBE PREMIER PRO is on the top of the professional softwares for editing and a very complete one.

In This course we are going to go in the world of ADOBE PREMIER PRO and learn everything we need to know to start creating and editing videos like a PRO.

We will talk about the software, the layouts and understand how Adobe Premier Pro works.

We will edit together a nice video and I will show you step by step all the process, from editing, adding text, color correction, some animations and video effects, how to edit AUDIO and MUSIC and much more.

This is a very complete course with all the information you need to know. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advance I know this course will help you and I am very positive that you will enjoy it.

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