Two WP plugins... If someone has them

Hi there… Does someone has Generate Press Pro (WP plugin) and Search & Filter Pro (same)?
Want to get them AND share here with everyone if possible. Those are great plugins. I heard of WP Facet Pro too, this and S&F Pro are THE BEST plugs to make custom posts search queries inside WP engine.
Hope anyone has them and kindly share here.
Regards and good luck!

requested all files available at for free go and get it


Check their Turstpilot review… And thank me later

Here you go(mega links)!

Generate Press

Faucet Wp

search and filter pro not available.


Please confirm if this was what you are looking for.

I’am using files from last 3 years and till date I didn’t face any problem. only 5 people gave 1 star and 311 gave 5 star. i also checked on gpl sites. some of them sharing shineads licensed files LOL

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Thanks Keda Defr. Will check…

Hi Sibijay.
Generate press is ok
Facet_not_so_ok. Apparently Facet pro is heavier (kb), so I pass.
Thanks anyway!

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@TeacherALvaro I have shared a forum. It has almost all premium resource Facet pro too.

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Uappaa!! Let´s se… thank Jongpa_Cheema. Anyway I´m (a little bit) aware/afraid of NULLED items. Had a hard time once with those, lost 2 complete sites in 4 months. I had to redo everything form the ground up, nasty experience.
Thanks anyway Will check it!!

Nulled are safe only the code removed that linked to server for the updates. I am using them for past 2 year.
Do not worry. Give it a try :wink: are a very good indian share server.
The trustpilot review is just made by dude who are angry of the free share, because some are selling the same products.
Don’t be fool and don’t look at all trustpilot review, a lot of fake inside…