[Tutorial] Guide on BINs | How to use BINs

What are BINs?
-Bank Idefication Number

How to get CC using BINs?

-You can get CC card details using a CC gen: https://namso-gen.com/
-Copy the Bin and Paste in Bin Blank.
-Set Amount to 10-9999.
-Now click generate.
-Now you can use them anywhere.

Now how to use that gen CC Details?

You will get the CC Details like this so:

/!\ So the starting 10 digits of these details (4060687662287260) is your card number.
/!\ The second and the third digits are your (|02|2023|) expiry dates of your card.
/!\ The Last three digits of these details (743) is your CVV/VCC2/etc.

Put these details in the payment mode (for buying anything) and some more details which are regarding you and your family or your address or
something like that…

CC CHECKER ===> https://www.mrchecker.net/card/ccn2/

How to use it?

-Simply Get your CC details and put all the generated CC in the checker box in the site.
-Now click Start and checker will start checking your CC details that they are working or not.
-Now scroll down and see the live section (in the live box you can find your working CC that you can use it where the bin is needed).


great Tutorial man…:+1::+1::+1:

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Many of live cc generators are not working anymore, can you suggest working live cc generator?