[TUTORIAL] Creat a complete website Free (Custom Domain and Free Hosting


Today i will show you how u can BUILD ur own personal website completely free with your costum domain. Normaly u have to pay for hosting and a nomain name but in this guide i gonna show you how can get free hosting and a free domain name.

----- LETS START -----
Get Your Free Domain…
Go to Freenom.com and sign up for an account. Once u sign up go to home page and search for an available domain. From this site u can get 5 types of domains for free. ( .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq )
Select ur prefered domain and on the checkout select period and change it to 12 months. Complete ur order and click on the top left on → Services and → my domains. There u will see ur free active domain.
The domain will be free for 12 months. You must let it expire so u get it again for free… Note: After u complete ur order it will say to u { Order Confirmation … Your order number is: blahblahblah} Dont worry this means that ur account is active. Click on Services (Top Left of the site) => My domains & u will see ur domain…

FREE Hosting…
Next up u wanna go to website called infinityfree.net and sign up for an account. Next u go to freenom and insert the infinityfree name servers. (To change the nameservers in freenom u go to → My domains → Manage Domains → Managements tools → Nameservers)

infinityfree name servers => ( ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com ) How to setup name servers on Freenom

After doing that u go back to infinityfree and Click on create an account. U will be asked to enter your domain (ur freenom domain) and apply some settings and create ur account.
Than click Open Control Panel , scroll down untill u find Softaculous Apps Installer. From there u will install the wordpress so u can build ur website.


Registration doesn’t go through freenom. Anyone else have this issue?:

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I haven’t used this @Sibijay, but I have used


Right now looking at Infinity


yes, Freenom is a kinda scam I think. Everyone is facing the same registration problem. InfinityFree is lit :fire: I am using it to create my web dev portfolio.


for some reason freedom doesn’t work anymore, having to make another one using infinitfree feathers