Trick to send anonymous email to anyone

I have stumbled across this method to send emails to anyone anonymously. There may be several other methods but I’d like to share mine here.

  1. Go to any temporary email services such as Guerrilla Mail
    1.1 Set a custom email id if you wish or leave as it is. Note the scrambled or unscrambled email id (if you used guerrillamail)
  2. Go to We Transfer
    2.1 You don’t need to sign up for an account in We Transfer. You can if you wish but it won’t be anonymous unless you use temporary or disposable email services,
  3. Type the sender’s email id and your email id from the step (1 and 1.1)
  4. Type the message
  5. Choose any file any random file (even without any content inside or some random unintelligible content)
  6. Click on send
  7. They will send you a verification code to the temporary email
  8. Type the verification code
  9. Then they will send it and it will be delivered

1.1 is optional
Step 5 is mandatory. 4 and 5 can be used for both anonymous file sending and anonymous messaging.