[TRICK] How To Download Any Skillshare Course

This guide will teach you how to acquire and download any Skillshare course for free! ( with 0 requirements )

  1. Get the link for the skillshare course you want to download - for example https://www.skillsha…icks/1146631824
  2. Navigate here and follow the steps on your screen
  3. Once completed, the course should be available in a folder created on your google drive (using the same google account on colab)
  4. Enjoy your course/s!

The Colab doesn’t work since it’s old. Try this


Do I have to run full method every time I have to download a new course

This one works. Thanks for the info,

Yes. Lol. You’re already downloading it for free… What more do you expect? Download the whole website? :smile:

how to use it pls provide the steps

Login to colab using your gmail.
• Go to the mentioned Colab site.
• Run the first cell by clicking on the black arrow to the left or crtl+enter
• Copy Skillshare course link and paste it in the second cell and run it.
• Run the last cell.

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Thx but what if I dont have enough space on my drive , will it get downloaded

I m facing this problem in the last step

No I was just asking that running whole process again and again dosen’t cause any issue

Go to your drive. Find the folder and delete it or move it to other location. Run that step again

I don’t know. I can’t guarantee anything

Does it also work with Udemy? Thanks btw

No it will not work for udemy

There are many websites that provide Udemy courses for free.

but I can’t find what I need there

Send me the course link. Will try to find. No guarantees though.

This is the course https://www.udemy.com/course/the-complete-positive-psychology-master-class-for-life/

and I found this GitHub - r0oth3x49/udemy-dl: A cross-platform python based utility to download courses from udemy for personal offline use.


I think the udemy-dl is pretty old. Don’t know if it still works.