🔥 [Trick] Forget Mega.nz, use this for storing in Terabytes

Hi, :wave:

You might know about Mega.nz, a cloud storage service

But Mega.nz has some catches

  • Free version can only store upto 20GB
  • Have to deal with Copyrights, so many times content are removed from cloud
  • Many find it difficult to sign-up
  • While it’s good to just click on link & import, it’s not became usual service for newbies

Instead, use this to store in Terabytes

Introducing Terabox, a cloud storage giving 1 Tb storage for free user

Use here: : https://www.terabox.com/

It’s indirectly owned by Baidu, so don’t use it to store personal stuffs,
instead zip it & store files/ courses you never use currently but it’s useful
and dump in it with a rar password.

Create multiple accounts & play in Tbs

There are many other services, many are using for years and their files are still intact,
So no need to worry.

Remember to Zip as many folders & store as there are limits to no of files, also use dummy google or any other accounts.

Happy Learning, Enjoy!



Might give this a try.

Has anyone else been using this with more than 500GB of data?

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yes 640 gb as of now( 32 days as of now

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Will try it for a few shares

After you upload your files , if you want to download them, the download speed will up to only a 100-200 kb/s at best . If you want to download your own file you have to pay for it . nothing comes free. and it does not have API support (AKA no Rclone). Better get a google one drive than this.


Thanks for the insight Jason.

Yes, this is weakness of their cloud storage.
It’s generally in that range u pointed out.

That’s why told to put stuffs u don’t frequently use
but it’s important so just dump in it & when required
download it.

If ther’s a downloader for that like Mega’s will share

Better thing about tera is upload speed.
Google drive with unlimited storage doesn’t give
high upload & download speed, i have experience
this don’t know about others.

Still it’s an alternative. :+1:

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i got google one subscription and happy with it, at least they wont delete stuff like mega.io.

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