[Trick] ExpressVPN Lifetime Free

ExpressVPN Lifetime Free

  1. Download app cloner modded APK. Just Google search it and download. It’s easily available.

  2. Download ExpressVPN from apkpure or some site. Don’t use Google play as it’ll install and we don’t want to install yet.

  3. Launch app cloner and make sure you’re not connected to internet as it may notice the outdated version and prompt you to upgrade/buy and not work.

  4. Choose ExpressVPN apk. Go to identity and tracking options, change android ID, select custom and tap the random button under android ID field.

  5. Clone the apk and install.

  6. Register for week long free trial in ExpressVPN with a really random fake email. Enjoy a week of free VPN.

  7. When the free week ends, go to app info in device settings and clear all data for ExpressVPN.

  8. Make sure internet is off and open app cloner under APK files tab you’ll have ExpressVPN as a recently cloned app. Open this.

  9. Repeat the process to make the android ID random and hit ok.

  10. You’ll be prompted to send the new settings to clone. Select send.

  11. Your installed ExpressVPN now has a new android ID. Repeat registering with a fake random email id and get another week of free VPN.

  12. When free week ends, repeat steps 8-12 till you aren’t broke enough to afford a VPN.

ENJOY :slight_smile: GIVE IT A TRY!

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