Transfers to GOOGLE DRIVE via COLAB

Why it takes so much time to transfer from one google drive account to another when clouds like mega transfer TBs of data within few seconds?
I imported a 50GB folder from google drive url to my google drive account via colab. It took around 35 minutes to complete the process. Few days back also, it took around 3+hours to transfer 280GB folder from gd to gd.

now I am trying to import a .rar of 8.5GB from a website to my drive but it is transferring at a speed of 300Kbps though the speedtest is showing a speed of 1000+Mbps on hosted runtime.
How to increase the speed?


use autorclone or fclone or tg bot

Could you please share the method to transfer from someone else google drive’s link to our own google drive? Could you please please share the method.
Thanks in advance

Try Clonebot or fclone