[TRADE] 1x Scribd Premium for 3 years account or 1 month Envato elements account

I have Scribd Premium 3 years account and 1 month Envato Elements

What can you give? Reply below!


thank you so much bro

I can give you 3x Office 365 A1 + 5TB Onedrive storage for Lifetime
Custom First Name, Custom Last Name, Custom email id and your personal password.
I’ll throw in an extra NordVPN account which should be valid for a year. (approx. 11months)

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thats good i wish be one of this

Hi, I wish I get Scribd account please,

Personal logo and personal card. (design).
Don´t think you need this but, I can offer you that.

This isn’t a giveaway. It’s a trade guys. You have to offer something to him in exchange for Scribd or Envanto elements…


lol that isnt difficult i can offer 20

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Lol. Then create a giveaway post and offer. Lol

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Can i get those account, Buddy!?

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I want Scribd premium plz…

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Hi, I wish I get Scribd account please

hahaha give me then hahaha

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Please read before posting. This is a trade only. To get the account, you have to give something in return.

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if anyone needs envato or scribd account then i would rather suggest to use cookies like u can get them easily and it works fine


Well to be honest, may I suggest you to post those scribd cookies here, cause THOSE are very difficult to find. My 2 cents. Regards,

can give youtube premium for three months,interested?

this helped a lot… thanks you