Topical Authority SEO Course (Torrent)

Establish a Knowledge Base and Semantic Content Network

This is the First Semantic SEO Course which Establishes New Foundations for Beginner and Experienced SEOs.

Fine-tune a Large Language Model and Use Algorithmic Authorship

Learn the Future of Search Engine Optimization from an Always-on Updated Course.



its just a joke don’t take it seriously hope the seeding goes well

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Will try to seed as much as possible. :grinning: JD

Can some one add a new link to the torrent file please.

Thank you

Link is dead kindly share fresh link

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new link please :slight_smile:
the old one is down


Found this on another forum - Anonym File - koray-tugberk-gubur-topical-authority-semantic-seo-fundamentals-course.torrent

can anyone kindly share it on mega nz just for 1 day.
this course is absolute gold.

Thank you mate. Looks like no one is seeding it but lets hope some one does eventually.

Can’t download the file, it keeps getting deleted because it contains virus (dangerous). Any clean torrent file please? Thanks.