The Ultimate JavaScript Animation Course


Learn To Create Awesome JavaScript Animations!

Learn how to do creative and engaging animation with no previous experience.

Animation is so important in front-end design as it grabs the attention of the user and provides engagement, enhancing their experience.

Master the skills of thoughtful and strategic animation and boost your Front End skills with this course.

This is a beginner-friendly course. Previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript is helpful.

We will learn

  • CSS Animations
  • JavaScript Animations
  • Barba Js
  • GSAP
  • SVG animations

We will build 6 projects

  1. Pop-Up Cookie
    Build a humorous pop-up cookie for a good first impression.
  2. Text Motion and Movement
    We will learn several forms of text animation to create a modern and interesting landing page.
  3. Interactive Form Animation
    Stand out from the usual static forms with this modern and fun form, which includes input and SVG animation.
  4. SVG Micro Animations
    We will build a nav bar and use SVG animations to show the user when they have interacted with the buttons.
  5. Clothing Shop with Page Transitions
    Say goodbye to boring page refreshes by adding seamless page transitions using Barba JS.
  6. Ultimate Animated Website
    Everything we have learned so far put together to create the ultimate animated website.
  7. All projects are free to be used in your portfolio.*


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thanks for sharing bro, if possible also share new react course developedbyEd

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS COURSE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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