The Ultimate Guide to Web Design

Learn how to become an ultimate web designer - from running a freelance business to learning design theory and web design processes to mastering design handoff

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design is perfect for…

  • Web Designers — Learn new things about web design, practice with the Figma files, and take your skills to the next level
  • Freelance Designers — Simplify your workflow, get access to freelance documents like questionnaires, briefs, and design contracts
  • Web Developers — Learn the fundamentals of UI design, typography, color, and principles of visual perception. Don’t rely on your designers as much!
  • Every creative person — Wanting to master the craft of web design!

This e-book is perfect for you if you want to

  • Improve your web design skills and overall knowledge of designing with development in mind (box model, responsive design, etc.)
  • Increase your rates and make a better living
  • Learn what a $10k+ website design process looks like and what goes on behind the scenes, from getting your first lead on a call, closing them, and sending out contracts, invoices, and briefs
  • Streamline your web design process
  • Practice your web design skills on a real-life website example!

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