The UI Professional's Design Manual


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thank you for this fantastic share! I hope you can share the Figma files too. thank you!!!

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Fantastic share, appreciate :+1:

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grat as always Sibijay. U rocks.

hey thanks, it would be great if u could find the resources of the book too :heart_eyes:

indeed man indeed
would be very useful but I’m fine so far, the manual looks awesome.

I believe the download includes a the Fintech UI Kit (100+ high-quality screens). Is this what you are referring to?

hOPE i HELP a litte
there´s only a PDF, and at the end it says that there are 9 chapters “ahead in time to be published”… of the process of make an IOs app.LEAP2
Also says that there´s a folder with figma files and resources… not in the manual I´m afraid


Hope it brings some light on the subject.
regards, TA.

Thanks for the info. Will keep a lookout.

Thank You Brother ! If you can get the resources it would be great! God Bless You.