The System Design Masterclass by Arpit Bhayani

Arpit’s System Design Masterclass
A masterclass that helps you become great at designing systems that are scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available

You can find the course curriculum, topics, agenda, benefits, perks, and other details at System Design Masterclass | Course by Arpit Bhayani.

The Program

This is a prime and intermediate-level cohort-based course aimed at providing an exclusive and crisp learning experience. The program will cover most of the topics under System Design and Software Architecture including but not limited to - Architecting Social Networks, Building Storage Engines and, Designing High Throughput Systems.

The program will have a blend of Live Classes happening on Weekends, 1:1 Mentorship sessions, and self-assignments. The program is designed to be intense and crisp to accelerate learning

Why should you join?

The primary objective of this program is to make you comfortable at building systems that are scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable. But here is what you could reap out of it.

Design systems like a pro

The course will make you comfortable at designing any system, no matter how stringent the requirements are.

Know the unknowns

Learn some of the most interesting concepts, super-clever algorithms, and sophisticated architectures. You are bound to have mind-blown moments.

1:1 Mentorship

When in a dilemma about an architectural decision, engineering challenges, career advice, or general mentorship, get your doubts cleared during your 1:1s with Arpit.

Crack the interview

Be it FAANG or your dream startup, you would be at ease while designing systems in the interview round.

Upskill and level-up

Learn the designing paradigms and upskill yourself to accelerate your career growth and stand out.

Network and Community

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway will be your new network, friends, and a lot of memories.

Program outline
You can find detailed problem statements in this Github repository.


Week 1
The first week is about learning the macro and micro components of System Design.

▼ Topics and agenda
How to approach System Design
Designing Online/Offline indicator
Designing a Blogging Platform
Scaling and Caching strategy for Blog
Delegation and Async Processing
Supporting million concurrent users
Designing communication paradigm
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸

Week 2
This week, we learn everything about databases, from SQL to NoSQL to Embedded, learn how to scale them.

▼ Topics and agenda
SQL Transactions
Database Indexes and Locking
Designing Airline Check-in System
Designing SQL backed KV Store
Scaling relational databases
NoSQL databases: when, where and why?
Designing: Slack’s Realtime Communication New
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
Going Distributed

Week 3
The third week will be about understanding Distributed Systems and the challenges that come while building them.

▼ Topics and agenda
Key to a good distributed system
Designing Load Balancers
Remote and distributed locks
Designing ID Generators
Open QnA and Doubt Resolution
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
Building Social Networks

Week 4
This is when we start modeling and building real-world systems, and we start with Social Networks.

▼ Topics and agenda
Day 0 Tech Stack
Designing Image uploader service
Designing HashTag extractor service
Designing Message Indicators, and 4 more
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
Building Storages

Week 5
This week will be about building ephemeral, persistent, reliable and durable storage engines.

▼ Topics and agenda
Designing Distributed Caches
Designing Multi-Tiered Storage New
Designing a Word Dictionary
Designing Log-Structured KV Store
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
Building High Throughput Systems

Week 6
This week, we level-up and build systems that are heavily concurrent and required to deliver very high throughput.

▼ Topics and agenda
Designing S3
Designing Cost Efficient Orders Service New
Designing LSM Trees
Designing Video Processing Pipeline
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
IR Systems and Adhoc Designs

Week 7
This week is about understanding Information Retrieval Systems and discuss some interesting adhoc systems.

▼ Topics and agenda
Designing Search Engines
Designing Recent Searches System
Distributed Task Scheduler
Designing Message Brokers like SQS
Designing Flash Sale
Designing Cricbuzz’s Text Commentary
Checkout detailed problem statements ▸
Building Algorithmic Systems

Week 8
The final week will be about exploring systems that are driven by a super-clever algorithm.

▼ Topics and agenda
Algorithm behind File Sync
Algorithm behind Tinder
Designing User Affinity Service

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