The Next.js 13 Bootcamp - The Complete Developer Guide

Learn all the new features of Next.js 13 by building a restaurant reservation app.

NextJS 13 is a fantastic higher-level framework, built on top of React, that will change how you think about and build web applications.

What you’ll learn

  • Build a large production ready application with Next 13
  • Handle loading, error, success, and not found states appropriately
  • The different rendering modes of React components
  • Handle authentication with middleware and server routes
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Hi, thank you for all your hard work.
Just 1 thing

In section 6. “Time to get your hands dirty”
Video # 10 is missing “Solution for Challenge 5”

If you are a learning, does this one video make a big difference?

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No not really, I was curious how he was handling different parameters when only 1 of them changes. It’s not a big deal I look at his code and figured out how he was doing it.

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