The New Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Actually Use

Windows 11 doesn’t just come with a new coat of paint. There are many new features and redesigned elements here, from the widget panel, to the quick settings, to dedicated virtual desktops. And they all come with their very own, brand new keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows + A : Opens the Quick Settings panel where you can control wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, brightness, media, and more.
  • Windows + C : Opens the Chat feature in Microsoft Teams, if that’s your thing.
  • Windows + N : Opens the notifications and calendar panel.
  • Windows + W : Slides in the new widgets panel.
  • Windows + Z : Open the new Snap Layouts feature that helps you quickly snap multiple windows in a grid format.
  • Windows + Alt + Up/Down Arrow : A new shortcut that quickly snaps the selected window to the upper or lower half of the screen.
  • Windows + D : Show or hide the desktop. (Showing the desktop will instantly hide all running windows, and you’ll only see the desktop wallpaper and your icons.)
  • Windows + Tab : Opens the new virtual desktops interface that shows all open windows in the current desktop. You can switch to a different desktop from the bottom.
  • Windows + Ctrl + D : Add a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow : Switch between virtual desktops.
  • Windows + Ctrl + F4 : close the current virtual desktop.
  • Windows + H : Start the new voice typing feature.
  • Windows + K : Directly jump to the Cast feature in Quick Settings