The HTML & CSS Bootcamp 2023 Edition

Brand new HTML & CSS course, just released in February 2023. Covers Flexbox, CSS Grid, Animations, Responsive Design and More! Tons of Exercises & Projects.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about HTML, CSS, and web design to build your own stunning websites from scratch. Instead of just watching me code, you’ll learn how to structure and build any website you can think of.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master HTML & CSS and build massive real-world projects, with no prior knowledge needed!
  • How to write well-structured and semantic HTML documents
  • Master tricky CSS concepts including the cascade, inheritance, and specificity
  • Work with CSS animations, transitions, pseudo-elements, gradients, and more
  • Get practice with dozens of exercises, quizzes, and challenges
  • Design beautiful websites from the ground up that look good on all screen sizes
  • Build reusable components, work with CSS variables, and write modern and clean CSS code

Who this course is for:​

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create their own stunning, professional websites
  • Complete beginners with no experience
  • Students with some HTML & CSS experience looking to level up their skills
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Thanks :slight_smile: Always helpful!

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unable to extract after downloading all files, do I need to rename the files like rar.00 rar.01

There is absolutely no need to rename split files.

Download all files to the same folder, then extract (File .001) with given password.

thanks, the legend for your legendry info. Appreciated you and your family.

whats the password please

Given in the post. Please observe properly!

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