The Full Stack Mobile Developer (02.2023)

Ready to become a Full-Stack Mobile Developer that can build end-to-end apps in weeks?​

After completing this course, you will:​

  • Build 2 portfolio-ready mobile apps: Instagram and Duolingo
  • Be confident in taking any mobile app from 0 to market
  • Master cross-platform mobile development for iOS and Android with React Native
  • Setup a CI/CD pipeline that will automatically build and deliver your app to the market
  • BECOME HIREABLE and start earning a 6-figure income
  • Build full-stack apps with AWS Amplify
  • Setup an Authentication system with email and social providers like Google and Facebook.
  • Design and implement complex Database Systems and GrapqhQL APIs
  • Design and Implement an activity feed system.
  • Build highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective backend systems using AWS based on the industry best practices
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Oops. Was playing around with the Mega Folder and broke the link. Its fixed now.


Thank you, You are awesome.

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