The Empathy Advantage - How to Increase Profits and Give Clients What They Really Want

Can good people be good at sales?

There’s a myth in our culture that to be good at sales, we have to be sharks— greedy, manipulative, and only out for #1. As business owners and creatives, that fear of success holds us back. We assume that spending money is painful and feel guilty to ask our clients for more.

The truth is, today’s trading-up clients are not only willing to spend more, but they secretly want to. And there are more of them in your market than you think.

Take it from someone who’s been in your shoes… Megan has cracked the code on how to attract and serve clients who pay top dollar. Her LUXE sales system helped her grow from stay-at-home mom to a seven-figure earner, and She Sells is her comprehensive playbook.

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